Stay Navy Retirement Calculator – Percentage for Retirees

Stay Navy Retirement Calculator,

Stay Navy Retirement Calculator – Percentage for Retirees

The stay Navy retirement calculator allows individuals who are currently, or are seeking to make the military a career to calculate their retirement earnings after twenty or more years of service.  It is not a fixed rate and can vary depending on which of the three systems that are used along with your pay grade.  The pay grade determining factor may be determined on the final pay scale or on a system known as the high-3 that determines your highest paid three years while in the service as an average while adding the multiplication of 2.5 percent for every year the individual was in the service.  Final pay is one of the systems that are offered up to those who have served in the Navy for over twenty years and the individual is given fifty percent of final pay.  This is available to service members who entered into service prior to 1980 on September 8th.  For those who joined in after Sep. 8th 1980 will have the high-3 option mentioned above.  After twenty years members will be given fifty percent of the average of the highest paid three years plus the 2.5 percent multiplication.  After thirty years it goes up to seventy five percent using the same process.  After forty years individuals will receive up to one hundred percent of pay using the same system.  The same basic principles are applied for all three systems giving fifty percent for twenty years while increasing by 2.5 percent for every year that is completed after that and up to 100% for forty years.

Stay Navy Retirement Calculator – Opportunity and Benefits

The third option for the Stay Navy retirement calculator is available to those who have joined after Sep. 8th, 1986 referred to as the CSB or Career Status Bonus – Redux.  Individuals born after the said date can have the option for the high-3 system or the CSB redux.  The CSB gives members who have not yet completed their twenty years an opportunity to receive a bonus in exchange for a lower retirement pay percentage.  At fourteen years six months of service if individuals agree to sign on for five more years they will receive a bonus thirty thousand dollars but they will only receive forty percent of the high – 3 average, still multiplying by 2.5 percent for every year after.  There is an adjustment at the age of sixty two that brings the retirement pay back to the same as with the final pay and high – 3 systems, however there is a one percent downgrade in cost of living expenses that lessens every year compared to the other two.

Stay Navy Retirement Calculator

The CSB redux system has a lot of different formulas that go into the calculations and they can seem complicated compared to the others.  It does offer the opportunity to receive the thirty thousand dollars as a lump sum right away or as annual installments.  You can find out more by using the Stay Navy retirement calculator to accurately determine retirement pay by putting in your information such as pay grade rank and years of service.

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